Barbie box office collection worldwide till now : Barbie Crosses $1B

Barbie box office collection worldwide till now : Barbie Crosses $1B

The Barbie picture is struggling at the Indian box office, whilst Oppenheimer is doing well. Barbie’s global sales are expected to exceed $1 billion. After a delay, the UAE has approved the distribution of the Barbie film.

Barbie and Oppenheimer are still in theatres in India. Both films became popular with the public. Now, on the 15th day of its release, Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling’s picture is struggling at the Indian Box Office, earning around 70 lakh on 4 August. According to media sources, this brings the film’s total earnings to 39.15 crore. Speaking of Oppenheimer, the picture sailed strong on Day 15 and took 2.60 crore, bringing the total box office in India to 105.30 crore, according to India Today.

Barbie begins with Margot Robbie as the title character and Ryan Gosling as Ken. The film is about the world’s most famous dolls. It also stars numerous additional actresses as “Barbies” and “Kens,” including transgender actress Hari Nef from Philadelphia, who plays one of the Barbies.

Though Oppenheimer was the obvious victor in India, Barbie has broken all records abroad. According to Collider, the worldwide box office for the Barbie film is expected to top $1 billion. On Thursday, the picture surpassed the $900 million mark globally. According to media projections, the picture is expected to gross $1 billion by the conclusion of the third weekend. Director Greta Gerwig has already made history as the first female director to have the highest opening weekend. Another record is about to be broken in the near future.

Meanwhile, the United Arab Emirates has cleared the release of the Barbie film after a three-week wait due to potential content difficulties, according to an Associated Press story. The UAE government did not explain the screening delay, but according to a tweet by Vox Cinemas, a regional movie firm, as reported by AP, the film will now be shown on August 10th. “The UAE Media Council has granted the Barbie movie approval to be screened in the UAE’s licenced cinemas after completing the necessary procedures in line with the standards of media content and the UAE age classification,” the council declared late Thursday, according to the Associated Press.

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